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How It Works

IRON MAX Micronutrients 12-0-0

Contains Urea Nitrogen for quick green up and plant uptake

Iron (6%) is in 3 forms, sulfate, citrate, and Ferrous
• Iron Sulfate, highly soluble in water
• Iron Citrate, low solubility water
• Ferrous Sulfate, low solubility in water

Iron is first chelated with citric acid and heat added during process then complexed with urea.

Formulation will give quick green up and a prolonged color response because to dual chelating process.

Manganese sulfate is Mn source which is very plant available.

Sulfur (3.5%) comes from the sulfate forms of ingredient ions Contains PENTRA-BARK Organosilicone surfactant system Patent pending technology for unsurpassed spreading wetting, plant absorption, translocation uptake, and cell assimilation.

Contains a turf specific complex carbohydrate matrix for rapid plant assimilation and calcium generation and cell energy.