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How It Works

Mag Man Micronutrient

Formulation will give quick green up and a prolonged color response because to dual nutrient chelating process and nutrient load.

High levels of Mn stimulate bent grass growth, color and retard Poa leaf growth while maintaining excellent color.

Poa leaf growth is retarded but color is retained because of Mg ratio for chlorophyll response.

Can be used in combination with Primo and other PGR’s to prevent Poa from going “off color”.

2% Magnesium in sulfate form for rapid uptake reacted with phosphorous acid (Phosphite).

Sulfur (3.5%) comes from the sulfate forms of ingredient ions.

5% Manganese from manganese phosphate citrate, derived from citric acid chelation of manganese phosphate and reacted with phosphorous acid.

Contains PENTRA-BARK Organosilicone surfactant system Patent pending technology for unsurpassed spreading wetting, plant absorption, translocation uptake, and cell assimilation.

Contains a complex carbohydrate matrix for rapid plant assimilation and calcium generation and cell energy to help retain color and vigor when used with plant growth regulators.